Top ten most popular FAQs

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Yes, that is an advantage of having multiple carriers available.  You will get a comparative quote outlining the estimated costs of each carrier.

Yes, if you value access to multiple carriers and products, competitive pricing and dedicated service from your agent.

You will need to provide information such as when you purchased your property or vehicle.  Do you have current insurance? How long you you have had your current insurance?  Any accidents or tickets in the past 5 years?  Any claims and repairs made to your home in the past 5 years?  Any claims against your renters insurance?

You can pay your insurance by ETF, Debit or Credit Card

You will have the ability to make a claim directly with each carrier.  Some claims are more straightforward than others.  We will work with you to review before making a claim.

Please call (402) 289-8553.  Office hours are 9-5 M-F. Sat. by Appt.

Fax: Same as above


Each carrier has it’s own website where you can find out more about each of their products.

We can quote and personal lines the same day.  Commercial lines may take a few days.  The best practice is to quote out a number of days from your start or anniversary date. It can help save you monies on your premium.

Health, Life, Long-Term Care Insurance, and Annuities have special requirements. Please contact me for a comprehensive review.