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The road of life is never certain.  Events can happen that we have no control over whether it is the weather, an accident, or our health.  These events not only impacts us, but our family and the community around us.

Thankfully, for many of us it is our family, friends, faith and even people we meet along the way that help us through difficult times.

This agency is dedicated to helping families, individuals and business manage risk and recover from the events we can’t control.


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Home, RDP & Renters Insurance

Are you a first time home or condo buyer? Are you renting an apartment or home? Do you own a rental dwelling?

Auto, Motorcycle & Recreational Insurance

What about your motorcycle, boat, or recreational vehicle?

Personal & Umbrella Insurance

This is a type of personal liability insurance that covers claims in excess of regular auto, homeowners, or watercraft policy coverage.

Business, Nonprofit & Commercial Insurance

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, nonprofit, commercial property owner looking for options to protect your business, organization, office or building?

Special Insurance: Mobile Home, Farm, Classic Car, Pet, Wedding/Events

Do you have a classic or collector car or antique tractor that you would like to protect?
Do you have a cherished pet that you would like to protect to help pay the costs of unexpected veterinarian bills?

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Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

If water backs up from a sewer or drain within your home, or if water discharges or overflows from your sump pump. This does not include coverage for flood or surface water.

Help provide protection for higher amounts of coverage for specific valuable items.

Help to cover expenses to restore your identity if it’s used fraudulently.

Replace a covered appliance with a rated appliance of like kind and quality in the event of an unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown not caused by normal wear and tear or corrosion.

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